Haydée, The Collector

Haydée was born from a shared passion for art. An art gallery and publishing house, to assist you in building your personal collection, to share with you a unique selection of works that touch us, objects that have meaning. With a claimed taste for eclecticism, and singular universes.

Haydée, in reference to the heroine of Eric Rohmer's film “La Collectionneuse”. This one does not however collect works of art, but men, in complete freedom, driven by a desire perhaps in a quest for an aesthetic. It is this freedom, this desire for beauty that we defend, a curiosity, a way of freeing oneself from habits, of seeing things differently, of daring different works, and of surrounding oneself with beautiful things according to met.

Haydée is also a love story for the Fine Arts of two passionate collectors and art school graduates: Olivia, photographer, and Elissa, stylist. Both working with a different way of seeing art, of satisfying an insatiable curiosity for creation in all its forms, in order to draw energy from it without being afraid of constantly renewing oneself.

We have always surrounded ourselves with works of art: they are objects that represent us, inspire us and nourish us.
The collection is a perpetual quest for original works, a quest where money does not necessarily have to play a central role. It is with us to discover emerging or confirmed artists through affordable limited editions.
It is the heart that must guide the choice of works to acquire.

This winter, twelve international artists have produced exclusive editions for Haydée: a rich and heterogeneous selection: ceramics, blown glass, plaster, colors, prints. This edition reflects our favorites of the moment. We hope that it touches you as these works touched us.

Haydée is an invitation to collect. A collection that suits you.

Elissa Castelbou & Olivia Fremineau