A graduate in Plastic Expression at the ESAD in Reims, Théodore Melchior lives and works in Paris. Theodore
strives to build the surreal remains of a society
grotesque and grandiose, self-satisfied but lost in advance. He explores
for this many media: installation, sculpture, staging, video, writing, publishing, podcast. His plastic and narrative quest pursues in the same burst of humor and romanticism the turpitudes of the modern world, between past splendor and announced catastrophes.
He participated in a solo exhibition “Le Petit Déjeuner is the Most Important Meal of the Day” at Floréal Belleville in 2019 in Paris. He also participated in the exhibition
collective Miniatures in 2021 at Confort Mental in Paris. He is part
of the collective Chevaline Corporation, their last exhibition dates from
September 2020 at Espace Niemeyer with a performance "Le Bon Gros Gateau".