Born in Switzerland in 1970, Olaf Breuning lives and works in New York.
Considering himself “a naive artist, a child of postmodern times”, Olaf Breuning associates his artistic practice with a form of lightness, humor and casualness. whatever his mediums of expression - drawing, sculpture, photography, film or installation, the artist always seeks to appropriate and transfigure pre-existing cultural and artistic icons, mixing the serious, the caricatural and the strange.
His heterogeneous work invents an aesthetic that blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction by playing with the viewer's perception saturated with visual information today.
His work has been included in numerous international exhibitions and has been included in public art funds, such as that of the City of New York, which presented one of his installations in Central Park in 2014. Olaf Breuning is one of the rare Swiss artists who firmly established themselves on the international scene.
His work was very early rewarded in 1998, and from the age of 46, he benefited from a major retrospective at the Forum NRW in Düsseldorf.